Logo Competition Gallery

Over a four week period, we ran a logo design competition to find Watch This Space a logo. We received a range of entries from designers to street artists to students. We had a solid representation from the local audience, received many from designers passing through New Zealand, and received ones from as far away as Japan and Saudi Arabia. Many of the entrants are currently studying or emerging professionals, looking to build their portfolio. We want to acknowledge the time, effort, and creativity they put into their designs, so we'd like to share them all with you.

If you find something you like, please contact us. We'd be more than happy to get you in touch with the designer.

Our winning logo comes from artist and designer, James Ford. He is originally from the UK, and now resides in Wellington. His logo caught our eye immediately when it came in. It’s straight to the point and anyone who sees it will immediately understand what we do.

We'd also like to give a shout out to Josiah Rees and Declan Podmore. Josiah is a first year graphic design student at Ara Institute. His designs and their professionalism caught the eye of everyone in our panel, so we've gotten in contact with Josiah, and he will be making some future adverts for us. Declan is a graphic design student at YOOBEE. We're using part of his logo for the icons in our interactive map. We’ve also asked Declan to make an advert that other websites and organisations can use when they share our website.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter our contest. You can check out the 50 plus logos here, and if you have any words of encouragement or praise for the designer, please contact us. I'm sure they'd love to hear from you.

I'm an artist and principal designer at SilverStripe. I put an art board together to show possible colour palette and uses. The word mark is bold and simple so that it can be used in conjunction with busy images and not lose clarity. The symbol is a simple combination of hand-made mark with location marker cut out in a stencil manner, linking back to the idea of locating street art. It also loosely resembles an eyeball, for the idea of "watching". Cheers
I'm just a person that likes calligraphy.Thought i'd try my hand at this. Pretty sweet prize. I've provided two options but both look textured as if they could have been written/painted/sprayed on a brick wall.
I made this logo as a bit of a challenge to myself. I have grown up in Christchurch and have always appreciated the street art that I have seen around even more so post earthquake. In my logo I wanted to avoid any of the negative interpretations the follow street art (like tagging) so i focused more on the art side. I made the logo open and inviting but not too clinical. The icon is a typical google maps pin with the centre being an eyeball that I made, Inspired by the buff monster pieces that I have seen. Honestly I just made something that I would like to see around and hope you like it too!
I recently graduated from Massey University with a bachelor in design and once again reside in my beloved home town of Christchurch. This logo was inspired by the artwork 'Berst' featured on your website as I fell in love with it's art style. The eye is watching from the centre of a place marker, which can be taken literally as 'watch this space'. This logo can be used both with and without the text. The eye can also be animated or drawn to show different emotions, which would give the logo more life and energy.
I am a physics and math student at the University of Canterbury, in my second year. I love art and music, and especially the link that these two creative fields have with mathematics. This is incorporated in my logo. Take the obvious colour and form of the A and C letters, and the curve of the S (which takes after a mathematical oscillation), both of which suggest at how the laws of nature (and hence mathematics) lends itself towards beauty and creativity.
I work as an Usability designer with a background in graphic design, i love all activities relate to design and creativity. The idea behind this logo is to represent the color street art brings to otherwise empty buildings walls.Each letter represent a building and the bottom half is colored resembling murals that bring joy to the city.
Chilean designer from Chile, currently backpacker travelling in New Zealand, broadening my life experiences. But now I’m looking to enhance my design skills and knowledge.
Hello. I am a student in Graphic design. I love graphic design and want to improve my skill, so that's the reason why I applied this logo that I made. I am still learning and improving my ability, so I hope that my logo can get in your condition. Thank you
Hi, I'm backpacker and I travel around New Zealand. At this moment, I work in a web agency for few months in Christchurch. If you want to know a bit more about my work, I let you check my portfolio : www.tisatisa.fr And I practise a little bit the graffiti : http://www.tisatisa.fr/2017/02/27/graffitis/ Have a good day or night. ;)
I'm currently studying in my first year at Ara in the area of Graphic Design. This design was taking on a literal spray paint splatter to represent street art within Christchurch. I wanted this design to be bold and eye catching whilst having a gritty appearance. Hope you enjoy!
I'm currently studying in my first year at Ara in the area of Graphic Design. This design was created to represent a stylized brick wall. The different lines and angles are intended to symbolize the art that can occupy a wall. This design can also be looked at from different perspectives, which gives it an interesting sense of depth. I wanted to create something that plays with your eyes while also representing the street art within Christchurch. Hope you enjoy!
I'm currently studying in my first year at Ara in the area of Graphic Design. This concept was intended to symbolize the different ways that we can look at street art, the design can be looked at from different perspectives, has a sense of depth and is supposed to resemble a wall. Clean and simple lines provide a neutral appearance that can represent the different styles of street art throughout Christchurch without clashing with them. Hope you enjoy!
I'm currently studying in my first year at Ara in the area of Graphic Design. This is the second of a couple designs that I'm submitting. This idea was focused on a clean and simple design that resembles a stylized stencil. The addition of paint drips and stencil lines was used to emphasize this. The black box was intended to be seen as a wall or any other surface that street art can occupy. Hope you enjoy!
Hey! I'm currently studying in my first year at Ara in the area of Graphic Design. This is the first of a couple designs that I'm submitting. This concept was based around a stencil/graffiti style. I tried to make it fun and free-flowing while eye-catching. I attempted to create something that was bold and in your face. Hope you enjoy!
I am a web and graphic design student at YOOBEE in Christchurch. I believe that my design really suits Watch This Space, as I find it relates strongly to it's artistic nature. The three splashes echo the three prime colours, as well as the three words in Watch This Space. I find that the true strength to this logo though is that it can be easily recreated physically, the splashes could even look different as the core concept of the logo would still remain.
It's cool 100%
Hi, I'm backpacker and I travel around New Zealand. At this moment, I work in a web agency for few months in Christchurch. If you want to know a bit more about my work, I let you check my portfolio : www.tisatisa.fr And I practise a little bit the graffiti : http://www.tisatisa.fr/2017/02/27/graffitis/ Have a good day or night. ;)
Hey! I am a student from Auckland. I have a massive passion for design and am very excited to have found this competition. I wanted to keep this iteration simple. The font carries resemblance from the map based on the site. Each letter could be considered a block of roads on the map. I have been creating a single piece of art every day since the start of this year as I want to better my design experience. Please check out my pieces at Instagram.com/timmmnnn and check out my portfolio here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ava8up6vor8qmvz/Tim%20Moss-Mason%20Portfolio.pdf?dl=0 Anyway! hope to hear from you soon.
Hey there, I'm currently a 1st year student at D&A college in CHCH. I enrolled with the goal to become an illustrator and add crafted design to any industry I end up in. Your competition was a cool opportunity to create a logo for a real client and a challenge to try come up with something new and recognisable to street art. I think the logo created is easily read, fits your brief and would appeal to a wide range of audiences. Simple use of colour is effective in other major street art logos and I think B&W does not exclude or group certain artists. The symbol can be used with or without the logotype, it is easily recognisable as a security camera and to street artists this use to be something of caution when people weren't promoting the art however now it can be seen as an icon of people wanting to watch what pops up this space. The stencil element also give it a raw rough feel to the logo. I added extra lines in the CH to add a touch on CHCH and also added Christchurch street art on the bottom so there is a connection to the city for viewers from other places. Looking forward to seeing your final logo, let me know if you want any changes :)
I'm a freelance graphic designer from Christchurch. Lover of all things graphic design. The logo I've created is awesome because I feel like it reflects what your brand is about & the design has that urban/street art vibe.
Hey Watch This Space team! I'm a young Dunedin based graphic designer that spends a fair amount of time hanging out in Christchurch. I came across your competition on instagram and thought I would submit an entry seeing the cause is rather rad to say the least! I have designed the logo to try and communicate the idea of mapping urban art.
I am currently doing freelance design and marketing work for sustainable businesses in Christchurch (including Our Daily Waste, The Rubbish Whisperer and The Good Shop). My logo is designed to be clear while still communicating the work of Watch This Space. The font represents graffiti, while the pointer shape emphasizes the map aspect. The main logo can have the map background or be simplified to just the image and text. The secondary logo is for landscape uses like letterheads or headers. The simple monotone colouring allows the logo to work on all types of backgrounds and can be inverted for black/dark backgrounds. I also like that the map pointer plays on the ‘watch this space’ idea, acting as a label with instructions. On that note, I shall watch this space, and look forward to seeing the new face... font... of your wonderful project. Keep up the great work!
I've created this logo based mainly on the first letters in Watch This Space. The W is a pair of binoculars - something that a person would use to 'look out' or 'watch' for something. The T and S are hidden within the black space. The black background is a spray mark - like what come out of a spray can that is used for street art. This is the first time I've used Adobe Image - so it could certainly be refined. I'm a teacher at an Intermediate in Chch -have lived here for 17 years.
I am just letting you know that I am entering this logo contest because I enjoy a pop up challenge and love working in the design world. I am a freelance graphic artist and designer. I also explore into other areas of creativity like film, photography, and illustration. Street art is really booming in Christchurch and is a brilliant response to what nature has thrown at it in recent times. I always take the time to look for the new additions to the city. Here is the idea behind the logo/why my logo is awesome: I took some ideas from hand lettering/typography street art works that I have seen in person and from other sources. I framed it into a circle shape as it links in with stickers, posters, wall art, spray cans, etc. But also because it links in with graphics from maps, things like place markers, pins, and icons. I took the pin icon from smartphone map apps, and made my own one. As you can see it is incorporated with a dripping spray-can paint blob. I also included it as a small graphic with the typography in another example. I have showcased three different ways the logo could be used. Thanks for the opportunity! Any questions just let me know.
Hello! My partner and I both have a strong interest in street art and are fairly recent graduates who studied in design and marketing. We decided to come up with something for this together as we both feel this would be an amazing opportunity for us to put our creative mark on Christchurch. Our idea for the logo was to try and incorporate elements of ‘watch this space’ into the type. We have added eyes into the 'W', a spray can into the 'h', an arrow as the 'i' and a question mark into the 'e'. We believe the elements we included represent the importance of the space and its creative possibilities. We look forward to hearing from you.
Hi there, Just saw this comp and thought I might design something for fun. My logo is simple, nice to print and easy to change the format if you need to but I think it captured what you guys are all about. Anyway, I like what you are doing, it is really cool project :)
I am a student at the New Zealand Broadcasting School. I hope to enter the film/television industry as a post-production designer. I think my logo is awesome because it is easily customisable. The colours of the logo could be easily adapted for different situations/projects (kind of like the MTV logo). For example, if you wanted to use your logo for a Christmas project, you could easily change the colours of the logo to red and green to give a holiday vibe. I think the logo is also rememberable and easily recognisable.
I'm a fashion stylist, I've always love going round photographing graffiti so I loved the idea of designing your logo around a graffiti theme, i went with a doodle theme because it's fun and easily read and easy to scale without having to really worry about the details within it, i think it speaks for itself and though a title is easy to add it's also easy to omit.
I am a web and graphic design student at YOOBEE in Christchurch. I feel my design really suits what Watch This Space. The icon at the end is very essentially what one would find on Google Maps or other map apps but it is more relevant to street art. I also feel like the icon is something that can be incorporated into the website itself to mark locations of murals etc.
I am a self taught graphic artist and designer. This logo is simple (meets all the requirements), can work as in color, as in black and white scheme, and can be perceived as call to action (WATCH), that grabs attention.
Hi :-) This logo uses hand drawn lettering to represent the uniqueness of street art. The bright colours (which work equally well on light or dark backgrounds) echo the bright colours in the murals, and the swirls of the S letters represent the river running through the artworks in Christchurch. The letters CHC picked out in red (a Canterbury colour) are the airport code for Christchurch, so our visitors know where they're coming to! And of course the whole thing is the Watch This Space name so there is no confusion.
Hay there, I am a current design and arts student at Ara, and I have been involved in the Christchurch graffiti scene ever since a young teen, it is my passion and all my projects are based around street art. The boom of street art in Christchurch after the earthquake really inspires and excites me and I hope we can continue to have large scale murals once the city is rebuilt. I have created a hand drawn logo using graffiti lettering, the human aspect of using hand rendered fonts relates back to the individuality and creativity of graffiti writers, my logo can be used across a range of medias and work in any colour format, I have submitted my file in grayscale and a few different colour combinations.
I'm a student at the University of Canterbury and I love to muck around on Photoshop in my spare time. I hope you like my logo!
HI!, I am international graphic design student at YOOBEE; My concept logo is negative space exploring design. The logo shows two hands joining to create a picture frame, which means you might capture the impressive image anywhere anytime in this space. ;) Thanks
Hobo. Move-Arounder. Waste Obsessor and New Zealand enthusiast. I lived in Christchuch for 3 months and fell in love with the place, the people and the way people are so accepting of graffiti/street art. I have submitted an edited Kiwi Bird character logo which I feel could be a great simple logo, to represent all that is great about NZ graffiti. They only come out at night. They are rare and exiting to see. They shit everywhere. They are intelligent and overall they are specific to NZ and need to be kept a close eye on. 'Watch this Space' could be referenced to the wildlife alongside the art scene. I have a few other designs of it including vectored versions so if I was to be successfull, I can send through the other variations to be able to blow up the design large (could even wheat paste them around!)
Because street art is generally pretty colourful, out there and attention-grabbing, I think this logo needs to be able to work with this kind of art. I've created a one-colour design that can be changed to any colour, and can be overlaid onto a mural-style background and still work, as well as by itself. It's super simple to contrast with the complexity of street art, and gives the texture and vibe of vibrant, funky art. I love design and art, and also super stoked on how Christchurch is developing. It's a great place to be living and be a part of a growing city. Cheers!
I believe that graphic design—and logos to the fullest extend—work best when they are built with a concept or a purpose. In the logo attached I've lent on the key feature of Watch This Space: 'making it easy for visitors to find local street art'. To portray this, I've created a 'P' out of a map pin. As for the street art aspect, I believe that this will be done through context mainly (i.e images accompanying the logo etc) but to give a hint, I've incorporated a heavily modified font to reflect this too. For a little bit more about me, I've just started up a freelance facebook page: facebook.com/designiccreative
The concept behind Opt_02 sways the opposite direction to 01. Taking the assumption that people will understand that Watch This Space is a locational based service, then this logo attempts to portray the kind of art collated on the site. Street art. The key feature of this being the spray can snuck into the aperture and counter of the 'A'. Both logos have left an element of regularity in them (using simple sans-serif fonts) reflecting the ordinary surroundings in which the beautiful/thought provoking art is created. More can be found out about me on my fresh freelance page: facebook.com/designiccreative
I'm just a CompSci Major who does design as a hobby, reason why i chose this design is that in my mind, a good fitting logo would be one that can be stenciled and really represent the group behind the logo.
I drew this logo initially for a draft of an advertisement poster for Watch This Space.
I like design. The logo that Ive made is awesome because it incorporates a subtle graffiti tool which is the spray can in the middle and it also uses a compass shape in the background to hint at watchthisspace.com's mapping of the street art.
Hey peeps, I'm 16, and I actually came from Saudi Arabia to study some graphic design with my uncle. To craft this logo used the golden ratio to help sort out my proportions. Took me some time to actually figure out what the "golden ratio" was but I guess it was worth it. Anyways, If you need any other iterations of this logo I have them ready, although, I think this is the best one.
The second one was inspired by the Nickelodeon TV show All That.
I'm a student, originally from Christchurch, currently studying design at Massey University in Wellington. The logo I have created suits Watch This Space because it represents both the street art through the visual representation of a spray can, but also the space in which the art is created and the importance of the two existing together through the form appearing like a building.
Hi, Trust this message you well. It is a great brief to respond to thank you, I am a street art enthusiast and have been very much enjoying all the street art and the exhibits over the past 5 years. The concept for the logo was both inspired by, and a homage to all the great work I have seen. I have prepared a composite image of my design and explorations of design directions applied to business stationery, merchandise and a graphical theme for the software launch campaign applied to a graphical, eye catching, street poster. As you can see the primary colours I have chosen for the logo are red and black, my suggestion being that the use of the Canterbury Colours is arguably the strongest strategic choice for the brand. However on the garment and business card I have explored using black and metallic silver. My bio is here: https://magentadotbrands.com/about/waugh-path-a-bio/ Look forward to your review and comment.
I'm a traveling artist from Colorado in the USA. I love street art and graffiti and strive to live my life bringing more art to the world. Hip-Hop is a huge inspiration for me, and I love traveling and seeing the spread of this global art form across cultures. My logo design process was varied and includes a few themes, and looking at how I could represent Watch This Space made me think of eyes (to see new art), walls (to paint), space (to explore) and pins (points of interest). Eventually I ended up with three final logo options, but I think my last option C is the strongest. It combines the eye, wall and paint in a way that is recognizable in a street art sense and also allows Watch this Space to incorporate their new logo into promotional text. Thanks for the opportunity to work with Watch This Space and get involved with the Christchurch street art scene!
Hey you guys. I am from Berlin. I moved to Christchurch when I was 14 years old and recently finished my degree in Graphic Design and am super excited to be starting my career. Berlin's street art has been a great influence my whole life and I have been doing street art and graffiti since I was 9. I am in love with all the new street art in Christchurch and am adding my mark through a volunteer mural I am currently painting for the awesome guys at Gap Filler. Hopefully, I will be able to make the city more colourful with more murals in the near future. I love the idea of your app and using it to discover even more great work. I hope you like my logo and that it is something you might be looking for. I look forward to hearing from you guys and thanks for taking the time to consider my submission.